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Financing Small Businesses in Kenya

Financing small businesses in Kenya is one of the greatest challenges aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs face. Many brilliant business ideas never see the light of day because the the entrepreneur behind the idea lacks sufficient funds to take the idea to market.

Asset Financing in Kenya (Ultimate Guide 2020)

2020-3-2  Asset financing companies in Kenya. An asset finance company is an institution which engages itself in the principal business of financing physical assets that correspond to productive/economic activity such as machinery, automobile, tractors,

3 Alternative Financing Options for Kenyan businesses

2021-3-16  3 Alternative Financing Options for Kenyan businesses. Securing funding can be tricky for businesses in Kenya. Banks are not always willing to lend to young companies with little to no revenue track record or credit history. While many international financing options are

Kenya seeks better revenues from quarries Capital

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 7 The government has constituted a task force on the administration of quarries for a period of one year to work towards reorganizing the quarry business in the country. The move is intended to protect the environment and increase revenue from the quarry

Top 10 institutions that offer business funding in Kenya

The most profitable businesses to start in Kenya (Updated) 3. Micro Leaders. There are hundreds of micro-finance institutions in Kenya both credit only and deposit taking. Micro lenders have a good history of uplifting start-ups compared to commercial banks in Kenya

Sirikwa quarry looks to meet demand of Kenya’s new

2021-2-16  A US$2 billion special economic zone launched in July 2017 in the Kenyan town of Eldoret is helping create nearly 40,000 direct and indirect jobs. Funded by China’s Guangdong News South Group and its Kenyan partner Africa Economic Zones Ltd., the project is also creating business opportunities for construction material producers and suppliers, particularly quarry operators around the fast

How to Secure Business Loans in Kenya for Your Startup

2020-6-26  One, the business will fail, and therefore you will lose the loan money. You will have a ‘double’ debt to clear. Secondly, the business will flourish, and that will be to your advantage. Looking in retrospect, it is a ‘hope for the best but expects the worst’ case. So, why is borrowing money to start a business wrong?

Best asset finance bank in Kenya Venas News

2017-8-17  Which is the best Asset Financing Bank in Kenya? There are many factors to consider before you decide on the best bank to approach for financing. Asset Financing comes in form of a loan and in consideration are the following assets: The applicant should have been in business